How to Know You’re Getting a Great Lobster When You Buy Live Lobsters Online

When you buy live lobsters online, you need to be sure that they arrive fresh and alive. This means that they should be shipped overnight, if possible, or within 24 hours of their delivery. You also need to make sure that they’re delivered from a company with a solid track record and a high-quality customer service team like Shoplobster.

How To Know You’re Getting a Great Lobster

There are several things you can look for when buying live lobsters, including the size and weight of the lobster. Smaller lobsters are easier to work with, cook more evenly, and are more affordable. They’re also less expensive per pound than large lobsters.

A good rule of thumb is to choose lobsters that weigh one and a quarter pounds or less. These are the easiest to work with and can be easily sliced, steamed, or boiled.

Inspect the claw bands and shells to see if they’re clean and free of stains or sea grime. The claw bands should be tight and the shells should be firm and thick. Avoid a lobster with cracked shells or droopy claws, which are signs that it was held in a tank for a long time and may have lost its lifelong energy.

If you’re buying lobsters for a party, choose smaller lobsters for easy handling and cooking. They’ll be enough for most guests to eat, and you’ll be able to provide side dishes for everyone to enjoy.

If you’re ordering lobsters for a gift, choose a package that holds enough lobsters for a group of two to twenty people. Lobster Gram offers a variety of packages, so you’re sure to find the perfect seafood for your occasion. Each order includes lobster, butter, lemons, and a handy preparation manual.

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