The Home Inspector In Charlotte North Carolina

The Charlotte NC Home Inspector Podcast – Why You Should Trust the Experts

Charlotte NC Home Inspector | Gortney provides quality home inspections in Charlotte NC, North Carolina and South Carolina. They offer top notch, covered quality home inspections which are backed by their excellent insurance policy. There is always some reason why you should get your house inspected. For instance, some kind of structural problem or hazard has arisen in which case you will need a home inspection. Others might be concerned with problems like leaks in the walls or even plumbing, etc.}

The Charlotte NC home inspector podcast is actually the second podcast on the market from Sean Lyle and goes over various aspects of home inspections in Charlotte NC and around the Carolinas. I listened to it from the start the first time because I am a home inspector and know how important this can be. A home inspection is when an expert notifies you of some type of problem that needs to be fixed before the building is deemed complete. It is always a good idea to check this out because often minor problems go unnoticed until they require major repairs.

The Charlotte NC home inspector podcast discusses several topics including the state of home inspections in Charlotte and the steps being taken to address this issue. It is actually interesting to listen to the professional inspectors discuss this issue because it is something that I have also talked about with my own clients. This podcast goes into the specifics of what should be done and how you can tell if there is a problem, besides inspecting for mold, termites, electrical, plumbing and other problems. This is information that you probably do not know and that could potentially save you thousands of dollars and time if you hire a qualified Charlotte NC home inspector.

The show itself was started in 1996 and goes on till date with episodes covering various different aspects of building inspections as well as fire prevention. During the episode one of the hosts, Matt Lauer, talks about the need for more home inspectors in Charlotte, specifically in areas like Fannie Mae. He then goes on to talk about the state of Charlotte NC homes and how he feels it is important to perform thorough inspections. Many people may question why it is important to perform such inspections when Fannie Mae is trying to make up their bad mortgages by giving people subprime mortgages and allowing them to live beyond their means.

I personally think this is an excellent discussion and at least gives you a viewpoint that you probably don’t know otherwise. Most people believe that the Fannie Mae program went out of business several years back and most homeowners were never able to catch up and were overcharged. It is important to remember that the inspectors that work for this government agency are not allowed to give opinions that are going to sway the outcome of any home inspection or financing decision. This is why the Charlotte NC home inspector podcast is so important because it gives you a perspective that most people do not know about.

The bottom line is that you should always trust your home inspectors and if you have one in Charlotte then they should be trusted. You need them to examine all of your properties as part of their job description and not just any inspection that they happen to pick up on. The Charlotte NC home inspector podcast shows you that you can get a professional opinion for a very affordable price and they should not be trusted at all. This is not to say that the Fannie Mae home inspection program did not help many people and actually many people have turned their properties around after being caught up in the Fannie Mae scam. However, you still need to have a professional home inspection performed by someone that you can trust and feel comfortable with.

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